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As part of our mission to help make the healthy choice the easy choice, we pride ourselves in helping the you access important health information and resources to improve your health.



The Healthy Highlights newsletter is published on a monthly basis with a focus on healthy tips and simple steps to better health. Each issue includes upcoming events, a healthy recipe, healthy links and resources, and a highlight from each of our focus areas.

Recent Editions

  • November 2016: Healthy Thanksgiving Tips!
  • Fall 2016: Healthy back-to-school tips!
  • Summer 2016: How to have a safe, fun summer!
  • April 2016: Spring is here along with prom planning and graduation season.
  • March 2016: We have had a busy winter planning lots of activities that will be launching this spring!
  • February 2016: February is national heart health month. Our February issue is full of tips to help you keep your heart healthy.
  • January 2016: January’s issue focuses on Mindfulness.
  • December 2015: I encourage you to take the time you need this month. Pause and take a breath as often as you need to. You can also find tips in this month’s newsletter to keep you healthy and sane. Your health will thank you!
  • November 2015:  We’ve included a few resources and tips this month to help make your November filled with healthy choices! Enjoy the pie and gravy, but balance those delicious choices with some activity and relaxation.
  • Fall 2015: Our September/October newsletter is filled with tips on helping families make it through the day healthy and energized. We hope you have time to read it through and find at least one healthy habit to adopt, and share!
  • Summer 2015: Our summer issue is full of tips to keep you safe and healthy during these sun soaked days – and not burned or bug bitten. Slip on a shirt, slop on the sunscreen, slap on a hat and have a GREAT summer!