Talk and share info with other parents Be up and ready Be consistent and enforce rules Monitor and secure Check in often

Syncing with your teen and being involved in their life is one of the main ways you can keep your child healthy.

Why does it matter?

Teens are 7x as likely to drink if they don’t think they will be caught by their parents.*

Teens are over 3x as likely to use marijuana if they don’t believe their parents think it is wrong.*


Here are 5 ways to sync with your teen to keep them healthy and substance free:

1. Enforce rules. Be consistent.  Talk with your teen about the consequences of substance use.
2. Be up and ready.  Wait up or set an alarm for curfew time. Talk with your teen about the night when they return home.
3. Share info with other parents.  Talk with other parents and share contact info. Tell parents that they can contact you if they have concerns about your teen.
4. Monitor and secure.  Keep track of any alcohol, marijuana, or prescriptions in your home. Securely store them so teens cannot get it.
5. Check in often.  Ask your teen to call you at a set time when they go out so you can confirm where they are and how they are doing.

*Data from the Maine Integrated Youth Health Survey