If You Choose to Use…

Adult use marijuana retail stores officially opened in Maine on October 9th. We wanted to take a moment to remind those who are 21 and over that if you choose to use marijuana, choose to use it responsibly! Here are some good reminders from the Good to know Maine Campaign:

Store it safely – always keep it where children and teens can’t get it

Edibles – they can be more potent than other kids and can take hours to take effect

Accidental Ingestion – a huge reason to store it safely, if a child or pet accidentally ingests it, they may need medical help

Secondhand smoke – smoke from marijuana has many of the same cancer-causing chemicals as secondhand smoke from tobacco, so please don’t smoke around children, pregnant women, or anyone else who shouldn’t or doesn’t want to be exposed

Don’t mix substances – mixing marijuana with alcohol, prescription drugs, or other substances can be dangerous

Bad reaction – marijuana affects everybody differently, different doses and strains can lead to different levels of impairment. If someone is unresponsive or is having trouble breathing, call 911!