A Healthy, Happy Thanksgiving

The holidays can often be very stressful for many families. This year that stress is compounded by the added stress of the pandemic. We wanted to offer a few tips to help make your Thanksgiving as healthy as possible.

  • Connect! Even though our dinner table may look smaller or different this year, it is still important to connect with your family and friends especially those who are isolated. Considering setting up a family ZOOM for Thanksgiving morning or call those that you are worried about. We need to check-in on each other now more than ever!
  • Move Around/Get Outside! Getting outside and/or exercising is so important to our mental and physical health. Go for a walk with the family or if it’s too chilly here are some ideas for indoor activities.
  • Consider mocktails! We know that alcohol consumption has skyrocketed during the pandemic. Try out some fun mocktail recipes to serve instead of alcohol. Here are some ideas.
  • Monitor & Secure! If there are substances in your home, remember to monitor them and keep them out of reach where children and teens cannot access them.

Here at Access Health we wish you a safe and happy holiday!