how access health can help youth

youth-imgThere are many ways for youth to get involved with Access Health and we offer several programs to assist teens and young adults with making healthy decisions. Here are some ways to get involved that may interest you:

Join a Committee

Get your voice heard and influence change in your community by providing input on one of our committees. Explore our focus areas to see what interests you and get in touch to find out more about volunteer opportunities.

Help with Drugs or Alcohol Use

If you or someone you know is making risky choices with alcohol, marijuana, or other drugs, the Student Intervention & Reintegration Program (SIRP) program offers a nonjudgmental setting to explore these choices and the impact they have on ones life. Download the SIRP Program Overview.



Know of adults giving alcohol to you or your friends? Hear of a party where underage drinking is happening? You can report underage drinking or drug use anonymously by sending an encrypted text to local law enforcement. Its quick, easy, and could save someone’s life. Here’s how.

Mini Grants

Facilitated by Access Health, in partnership with schools or community groups, we offer mini grants for youth based activities focused on nutrition, physical activity, substance abuse prevention, and tobacco prevention. Examples include bike clubs, prom campaigns, prevention awareness weeks, and equipment to promote healthy eating and physical activity. If you or someone you know is interested in a mini grant to help your organization call us at (207) 373-6970.

Project Sticker Shock

Do you part to keep your friends safe by helping to prevent adults from purchasing alcohol and providing it to those under 21. In coordination with retailers and local law enforcement, you can take part in a program that has proven to reduce underage drinking. If you would like to learn more, contact Melissa Fochesato at (207) 373-6957.

Star Store

Big Tobacco spends millions of dollars on tobacco marketing in Maine each year, glamorizing their deadly product and targeting youth. Star Store recognizes convenience stores and retailers that limit advertising and promotion of tobacco within their establishments. Youth involvement is the most important part of the Star Store program, bringing retailers face-to-face with those who are most affected by their policies. Youth participants receive special training while gaining an understanding of how the tobacco industry works. To get involved contact Linda Christie at (207) 373-6926.