how access health can help retailers & restaurants

Access Health has several resources to help local retailers strengthen business practices, comply with Maine Laws, and increase your bottom line. We can assist with creating wellness policies including tobacco, alcohol, and worksite wellness, as well as implementation of any of the following programs.

Healthy Maine Streets

A program currently operating in Bath and Brunswick focused on creating vibrant downtowns through community leadership and place-based worksite wellness. Healthy Maine Streets connects small businesses with creative opportunities to make the healthy choice the easy choice. For those outside of Bath and Brunswick interested in creating worksite wellness programs, contact Linda Christie at (207) 373-6926.


A comprehensive program focused on decreasing the sale of tobacco products to minors, including model policies, staff training materials, signs, and handouts. Participating retailers can earn compliance credits that reduce the severity of penalties assessed for violations of state law related to tobacco sales which can be identified through regular, state-wide assessment of store compliance. To get started, contact Linda Christie at (207) 373-6926.

Star Store

A voluntary program created to encourage the responsible retailing of tobacco products. In combination with NO BUTS! it helps advance best retailing practices further by reducing the exposure of tobacco messages, advertising, and promotion to youth by reducing or eliminating the visibility of tobacco marketing to kids that leads to tobacco use. We can assist you with becoming a Star Store and then help to promote your business within as a responsible retailer within community. Contact Linda Christie at (207) 373-6926 for more information.

Responsible Alcohol Seller and Server Training

Alcohol Seller and Server trainings are available for local stores and restaurant staff.  Training will cover:

  • Identifying minors & very intoxicated persons (VIP)
  • Interventions to prevent a VIP from buying
  • How alcohol affects the body
  • False ID detection & recommended carding practices
  • The importance of good written policies
  • The Liquor Liability Act
  • Local resources

Classes are $10 per person.  Attendees will receive a certificate valid for five years. Call (207) 373-6995 to register for an upcoming training.

Card ME

A self guided assessment and action-planning program for store managers who want to identify ways to strengthen policies and practices that support legal sales of alcohol. The Card ME Program provides many useful tools to support licensees in improving their on-going responsible alcohol service efforts.

Project Sticker Shock

A program implemented as a partnership between youth, retailers, prevention professionals, and law enforcement, Sticker Shock is designed to reach adults who might purchase alcohol legally and provide it to minors. Stickers warning about the penalties for furnishing alcohol to minors are placed on all multi-packs of beer, alco-pops, and other alcohol products that might appeal to underage drinkers. If your store is interested in participating, contact Melissa Fochesato at (207) 373-6957.