how access health can help parents

We recognize that the health and safety of kids in our community is a shared responsibility. We provide tools and information for parents to instill healthy habits and keep our kids safe on their journey to adulthood. We offer assistance with the below resources and programs:

Let’s Go! 5-2-1-05210

You may hear of the 5-2-1-0 program happening at your child’s school. We coordinate with schools to provide resources that focus on increased physical activity and healthy eating for children and youth. There are also 5-2-1-0 parent resources available for you to support these efforts at home. Contact Melissa Fochesato at (207) 373-6957 for more information.

Help For Your Kids with Alcohol and Drug Use

The Student Intervention & Reintegration Program (SIRP) is a 12-hour educational, risk-reduction program for high school students also includes a parent/guardian meeting held separate from the youth class. Led by social workers and substance abuse prevention specialists, the class focuses on prevention and addresses common beliefs and attitudes around substance use. It just takes 12 hours 2 save 1 life. Download the SIRP Program Overview.


SYNCA survey of area high school parents  found that most parents in our community do not approve of their teens drinking alcohol or using illegal drugs.  The ‘Sync’ campaign was developed to help parents talk openly and share information with other parents to support underage drinking and drug use prevention. The ‘Sync’ campaign also provides specific tips proven to help parents monitor their teens and have open conversations that support safe, responsible decisions. Download the Sync flyer.