physical activity

n652763421_822586_3621Increasing physical activity is one of the easiest ways to improve overall health and wellbeing. People who lead active lifestyles and have regular fitness routines have better control of their weight, live longer lives, and have lower risk for chronic disease.

Our goal is for all members of our community to enjoy the benefits of physical activity by creating and promoting opportunities.

Access Health’s Efforts

  • Provide mini-grants to organizations (schools, worksites, clubs, etc.) to make changes that support physical activity such as walking paths, bike racks, benches for resting, etc.
  • Work with local schools to establish Safe Routes to School Programs that include monthly Bike and Walk to School Days
  • Organize yearly Bike to Work Week activities in partnership with local organizations and coalitions.
  • Promote active lifestyles at community events and health fairs
  • Increase public awareness of physical activity opportunities in our region
  • Coordinate with Mid Coast Hospital’s Lets Go! 5-2-1-0 healthy eating and activity program for local schools and day care providers
  • Work with local communities to conduct the Rural Active Living Assessment, a tool designed to assess the “friendliness” of your community for walking, biking and playing (especially for youth)

Join us to support active living in our community! For more information or to become involved in local efforts, contact Colleen Fuller at 373-6925.

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