underage drinking

Youth consumption of alcohol is a top pubic health concern due to the significant health and safety consequences that result. Alcohol use during growing years can have a direct impact on brain development. Despite the laws that exist to protect those under 21 from the adverse health effects and potential safety concerns from impairment and addiction, alcohol remains the number one drug that teens in our community are using.

Access Health’s Efforts

  • Engage community members, schools, stakeholders, and decision makers in an active coalition that works to prevent substance abuse and underage drinking in our community
  • Raise awareness of monitoring tips for parents of teens
  • Coordinate and facilitate risk-reduction classes for youth who have had experiences with tobacco, alcohol or drugs
  • Offer Responsible Alcohol Server and Seller Training courses for employees of local retailers and restaurants to learn responsible alcohol serving practices
  • Create and encourage parent networking opportunities within our community
  • Serve coffee at local school sporting events to spread message about underage drinking prevention
  • Promote eTip tip line service to empower youth, parents, and community members to anonymously report underage drinking to local law enforcement
  • Conduct community trainings and presentations for schools, parents, and community members on important health issues facing local youth

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