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There are serious health risks related to abuse of prescription drugs. Taking prescription drugs not prescribed to you,  misusing medications or mixing medications  with alcohol is unsafe and potentially deadly. Medications commonly abused are painkillers, depressants and stimulants, as well as some over-the-counter (OTC) drugs, primarily cough and cold remedies that contain a cough suppressant. In Maine 12.3% of high school students said they had taken a prescription drug not prescribed to them. Properly safeguarding your medications, by moving them to a place where kids don’t have access and safely disposing of unwanted medications, can help keep kids safe.

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  • Educating the public on ways to to be “Mindful of Your Meds” – safely securing and disposing of all medications to prevent misuse, abuse, or theft
  • Promoting our local “big green boxes” – medication collection boxes purchased for our police departments (Bath, Richmond, Brunswick, Topsham, and Sagadahoc Sheriff’s) allowing year-round disposal of unused medications.  View our Disposal Guidelines for more information
  • Supporting community-wide medication collection events, occurring twice a year
  • Conducting workshops at senior housing facilities to address medication safety

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