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Marijuana & the brain. . .

  • Marijuana can affect movement and coordination which can harm athletic performance. Teenagers Playing Soccer
  • Marijuana can cause problems with memory and concentration, making it harder to learn something new.
  • Marijuana can alter judgment.  This can lead to other risky behavior.

Talk to the youth in your life to help them make safe and healthy choices and perform their best. For more information, check out our helpful links!

Local data

Marijuana is the most common illicit drug used by adolescents in Maine. Other commonly abused substances by youth include synthetic marijuana, prescription medications, glues, and aerosols found in the home. Use of marijuana and other drugs can lead to further experimentation and dependence among youth. Today’s marijuana is more potent than ever and drug use of any kind and can lead to dangerous health effects on a young, developing brain.

  • 35% of Maine high students report smoking marijuana and 65% report there is not any harm
  • 61% of Maine high students report that if they chose to smoke marijuana, it would be easy to get.

Access Health’s Efforts

  • Promote prevention messages about teen marijuana use and tips for talking to youth
  • Educate the community about the dangers of marijuana use and how it affects teens’ brains, beducation, high school, teamwork and people concept - group of smiling students and teacher with notebook in classroomodies, and behaviors
  • Participate in community discussions and presentations that focus on prevention of teen marijuana use
  • Offer SIRP classes, a 12-hour educational, risk-reduction program for high school aged youth who are experimenting with marijuana, alcohol or other drugs.

Helpful Links

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